I’d just like to give Lora a big thank you! She is a very knowledgeable attorney and helped me greatly! I appreciated all the hard work and time she put in for me! On top of that she even took time out of her personal vacation to assist my case! I am very glad to have worked with her.


I would recommend Marla because she sticks with you for the long haul. There was a very important hearing that she attended even though she was deathly sick. You would never know she was so sick. And the best part was that we won!


I was so very impressed with Lora as my attorney. I was expecting a rough experience with my case but Lora took care of everything. She thought and cared about me as a person and I really felt she wanted the best outcome for me, not just as her client but as a person. If I ever am faced with this type of situation again, Lora would be my top #1 choice for legal assistance.


Thanks for all your professional services. I’m very satisfied with the outcome of my custody case. Marla Zack was very much on top of my case and got the results I was looking for.


Lora has been a great help for me. She is brilliant in choosing our evidence exhibitions and always quick to find the right-on-point arguments. As a foreigner who know little about the judicial system here, I am lucky to have Lora patiently and compassionately guide me through the processes. She is amazingly organized and knows what she is doing. Compare to my old attorney and the one the other party uses, it is clear that Lora is good at her work. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a family law attorney.